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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey, Hey! What do you say?!?!?!

As you know I am  just getting my blog back up and running. I would love some feedback on what you would like to see. my next few post's are going to be some simple kid friendly ones. Kid's LOVE to help out in the kitchen so why not let them? Hope your enjoying my blog so far. I am really enjoying this. I realize I am FAR from gourmet. I just hope I can help you whip up something very yummy in as few step's as possible. Thank you for taking the time to spend some time with me!


  1. Who needs gourmet I like recipes that are fast and easy! I'm going to make the strawberry cheesecake Trifle for Thanksgiving. Yummy it looks so good making me hungry now

  2. Awesome, so glad to hear your going to make it it is so good and simple simple. :)